Students enjoyed Jan Term adventures near and far . . .


Zymology: The Science of Delicious - James Berleman (Biology) taught this on-campus course.  The students enjoyed learning about the fermentation of food.  Samantha Schultz capitalized on her course work turning it into a Food blog, with photographs, videos, recipes and more! http://zymology101.tumblr.com/

2016 Jan Term - Brazil, Dr. BossardBrazil - Biodiversity and Culture - Carla Bossard (Biology) and Lino Rivera (Performing Arts) led students on a tour of Rio De Janiero, Brazil exploring biodiversity, music and culture. Bossard reports . . . “Our Jan term was called Culture Through Music in Brazil and Argentina visting such exotic places as: Rio de Janiero, Bahia, and Foz de Iguasu, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. We studied a variety of musical genres as an insight into the cultures of Brazil and Argentina. We took classes in percussion, Afro Brazilian dance, capoeira, samba, and tango among others and saw many musical and dance performances by amazing Brazilian and Argentine artists. Along the way we were able to enjoy the majesty of Iguasu falls."

The Wonders of New Zealand - 2016 Jan Term New Zealand, Dr. Field & Dr. LongMargaret Field (Biology) and Douglas Long (Biology)  Field reports that she and Long had a fantastic group of students on the Jan Term to New Zealand. "We studied a lot of natural history, ecology, conservation, and Maori culture. We covered from the north of the North Island to the south of the South Island. Our weather was not as warm as usual but didn't keep us from any activities. We climbed volcanoes, went sea kayaking through a mangrove forest while we learned about the important role mangroves play in the ecology of the area. We went black water rafting in the glow worm caves, we hiked in the geothermal 'wonderland' with bubbling pools and mud pots and visited the Maori cultural center of Te Puia. We hiked through Tongariro National Park, visited and learned about extraction economies of gold mining and winemaking. We crossed from Wellington to the South Island and enjoyed the Alpine lakes, the rugged West Coast, and hiked and boated in the Dart River Valley. We had a photographer/videographer on the trip (Carlos Torres) and I cannot wait to see his pictures! It was a great trip and a great learning experience."

The Biology of Sex, Love and AttractionSonya Schuh-Huerta (Biology)
The goal of this course was to explore some of the most fascinating aspects of the human experience, including attraction, sex, and love, through a scientific lens. We explored human reproduction from development of the gametes and embryo all the way up to puberty, reproductive aging, differences between the sexes, sexuality, the underlying biology and genetics of attraction and why you fall for who you do, and the biology and evolution of love. We took a field trip to the Cal Academy of Sciences, where we explored sex and reproductive biology all throughout the museum. It was a great course, and explored some cutting-edge topics and addressed some fascinating questions that we're just beginning to understand.  This course was also one of five that were part of the new SMC Hybrid program, which involved both in-class and Webinar lectures in addition to novel web-based tools.

2016 Jan Term Molecular Gastronomy, Dr. ShulmanMolecular Gastronomy - Michelle Shulman (Chemistry) Shulman’s course introduced students to cutting-edge scientific methods for making gastronomical delights. The students learned how to make delicious "new food." One student commented:  "The course was not only educational, interesting and challenging, it was delicious!" Here is one of their gastronomical presentations. There were four teams and the presentations were judged. It was a four-way tie!




2016 Jan Term - East Bay Water District, Dr. Ken WorthyEast Bay Water Systems our Lives Depend On - Kenneth Worthy (Environmental & Earth Science) Worthy's course "Finding the Human Place in Nature," introduced students to EBMUD's water and wastewater treatment plants in Walnut Creek and Oakland, to the Altamont Landfill, and to Temescal, Briones, and Black Diamond Mines regional parks for hikes through rain and sunshine. Students were impressed to stand atop 600 feet of garbage, to better understand the water systems their lives depend on, and to see the remnants of 19th-century coal mining that powered the region.

Dr. Alex LaGatta

Alex LaGatta's course examined all aspects of global warming and climate change and the course content was highlighted by two back-to-back lectures. 



2016 Jan Term "Tango" in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Dr. Hiroko Nakano an dDr. Lino RiveraArgentine Tango in Buenos Aires - Hiroko Nakano (Psychology) and José Feito (Psychology) In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace of Tango, students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the music, history and culture associated with this unique dance form. During the full four weeks of residence, they had ample time to explore the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful, cosmopolitan city, often referred to as “Paris in South America”. The students were encouraged to deeply engage with the local dance scene, as a lens through which to understand the Argentinian people and their culture.



Dr. Emily HauseDeath and Dying Emily Hause (Psychology) and Grete Stenersen (SOLA Leadership Studies Program) This course explored the difficult subject of death and dying and the importance of thinking about and planning with loved ones the end of life.