Travel Course Proposals

Recognizing the importance of our Travel course offerings to SMC students and faculty, The Jan Term Committee has instituted a new timeline for Travel course proposal review to more effectively administer these courses.  Complete the following to submit a course proposal for Jan Term 2019.

STEP 1: Access the Application

  1.  Click here to begin the application

  2. Click "Apply Now for Jan Term Travel Courses"

  3. Sign in using your SMC log-in information.  If you do not have Saint Mary’s College of CA login credentials, please select the “ I do not have login credentials to this site” option and register for an account. Once you do, go back to the beginning of Step 1 and go through the process again and select “I have login credentials to this site that I received by email.” option to access the application.

    If you continue to have issues, please email

STEP 2: Complete Application

  1. Please do the following to bypass the next part of the process: Please ONLY select dates within January 2019 and search for the country you are going to and click any city. Then click “Add to Itinerary”.

  2. Your selections will appear at the top. Then click “Apply”.

  3. You will be redirected to the Application Form.
    You must hold your mouse over the Questionnaire until it is underlined and click to access it. Your application is complete when all the checkboxes have been marked off.  Please click “Submit Application” upon completion.

NOTE: You may save your application and access it again by doing the following:

  1. Go to:

  2. Click LOGIN/REGISTER at the top right

  3. Sign In with either your SMC credentials or the email that you registered with

If you would like to see these directions along with screen grabs of what the process should look like, please click here.

  • The proposal forms linked below are to be used by SMC faculty and staff for submitting their course proposals for Jan Term 2019. The proposal forms are only available via this site. Proposals must be submitted online.
  • If you do not currently teach at SMC and wish to submit a course proposal, you must upload to the proposal form a current CV/resume detailing previous courses taught.
  • Please review the Jan Term guidelines before submitting your proposal.
  • Please call the Jan Term Office at (925) 631-4245 if you have problems or questions.