2019 Proposal Information for Faculty

Welcome to the Jan Term 2019 Course Proposal page! 

Dear Colleagues,

Here you will find the Jan Term 2019 course proposal forms and guidelines for submission.

Please note that we have different submission periods for Travel and On-Campus courses: 

  • Travel course proposals for Jan Term 2019 must be submitted by the deadline of 12/31/17 at midnight
  • On-Campus course proposals for Jan Term 2019 will be accepted between 2/15 and 3/15/18. 
Course proposals submitted outside these submission periods will not be considered.
Travel course proposals are reviewed by the January Term Committee in February and March and On-Campus course proposals are reviewed in April and May. The lead-time for curriculum development and for production of our course catalog is long. Hence, there will be NO exceptions to the following guidelines:
  • Proposals must be submitted within each course type's open submission period.
  • Proposals must be SUBMITTED ONLINE. For more information, and for directions on how to submit travel proposals online, please click here. For more information regarding the on-campus proposal process please click here

  • If you taught a course in Jan Term 2017/18 and we do not have a syllabus on file, we will postpone review of your 2019 proposal until we receive your latest syllabus.
  • As you create your proposal, make special note of the criteria for distinguishing between upper and lower division courses. Course proposals which do not supply a rationale for upper division status will be classified as lower division.
  • We hope that faculty teaching lower division on-campus courses will continue the practice of reserving at least five places for freshmen. That practice has significantly reduced the complaints of freshmen.
  • If you do not currently teach at SMC and wish to submit a course proposal, you must upload a current curriculum vita with your proposal. This vita should feature previous courses taught, and include both number and title.
  • If you have problems or questions, please email the Jan Term Office at: Janterm@stmarys-ca.edu.

Before you submit your 2019 January Term Course Proposal Form, we request that you review the following information:

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 


David Bird
Interim Director of the January Term Program