Resources & Supporters

We would like to thank the following businesses, organizations and individuals for their support:

Resources & Supporters

The websites of our community partners in New Orleans:


Some sites we contacted to help us plan our trip:


Some sites from which we got our safety equipment:


Some sites that helped us establish our mobile village:


Some other businesses that lent us a hand:


Many thanks to our on-campus major supporters as well:

  • Associated Students of Saint Mary's College (particularly John Zabala, Dustin Cramer, Mary Barnes, and Laci Jackson)
  • Cummins Institute for Catholic Thought and Action
  • Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action (particularly Janet Luce, Jennifer Pigza, and Steve Schultz)
  • Office of the Vice Provost for Academics (particularly Frances Sweeney and Darcy Tarbell)
  • School of Liberal Arts (particularly Chris O'Steen, Penny Black, and Steve Woolpert)
  • CaTS (particularly Micheline Sabatte, Ed Biglin, Patrick Conlan, and Jeff Songster)
  • January Term Committee (particularly Sue Fallis and Angela Carlisle-Brown)
  • Office of the Registrar (particularly Bill Sullivan and Julia Odom)
  • Alumni Office (particularly Lloyd Schine)
  • Athletic Department (particularly Kyle Smith, Carl Clapp, Randy Bennett, Kory Hayden, and Katie Davis)
  • Bookstore (particularly Emily and Clint)
  • Business Office (particularly Laurie Klizos, Jeanne DeMatteo, and Sue Hooks)
  • Development Office (particularly Joan Goularte and Br. Stan Sobczyk)
  • Buildings and Grounds (particularly Robert Kennedy)
  • Public Safety
  • Human Resources (particularly Ann Kelly)
  • College Counsel (particularly Larry Nuti)
  • Residence Life (particularly Scott Kier and Lyone Harris)
  • Student Involvement and Leadership (particularly Ete Anderson and Br. Michael Sanderl)
  • College Communications (particularly Debra Holtz)
  • Department of Communication (particulary Ed Tywoniak, Richard Edwards, and Margaret Dick)
  • Counseling Center (particularly Nancy Glenn and Sharif Okasha)
  • Campus Ministry (particularly Bob Mallon and Pamela Thomas)
  • Telephone Services (particularly Emily Adelman and John)
  • ...and the many individual faculty, staff, and students who have made contributions (both financial and otherwise) to our undertaking