Jan Term 2014 Speaker Series

Welcome to our Jan Term 2014 Speaker Series events page! Take a look below at some of the great events coming up in January. All are free and open to the public at 7pm in the Saint Mary's Soda Center (any exceptions are noted below). Contact Paul Ebenkamp at pe1@stmarys-ca.edu for more information.

1/7: Cheri Chastain
"Brewing a Successful Sustainability Program"
Cheri Chastain, Sustainability Coordinator for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., will discuss Sierra Nevada's award-winning sustainability practices as they relate to energy, water, landfill diversion, transportation, and agriculture, with special emphasis on how Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. makes the business case for sustainability programs. In the midst of all the talk (some honest, some not) about "going green", Chastain will share some of the challenges and successes Sierra Nevada has encountered along the way and why it makes good business sense to consider the environmental impacts a business makes.

The talk will be followed by a conversation on sustainability with SMC faculty members Alice Baldridge (Environmental Science and Studies), Jana Carp (Collegiate Seminar), and Asbjorn Moseidjord (Economics)."

1/14: Kevin Coval
"Socially Engaged Arts and Hip Hop Poetics"
Kevin Coval, a Chicago-based writer, educator, nonprofit director, public radio contributor and community organizer, will read from his work and lead a discussion, along with student readers and participants, on "Socially Engaged Arts and Hip Hop Poetics." Additionally, in the afternoon prior to this evening event, Kevin will present a workshop entitled "What's My Name Fool: Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Hip Hop Superheroes" focusing on naming and identity, exploring how individuals in communities are misnamed in society and how artists and intellectuals have resisted misidentification by adopting nom de plumes and heteronyms.
(Co-sponsored by the Communication Dept., the Disney Forum, and the Hip Hop and Social Justice Speaker Series). 

1/21: Richard Ross
"Juvenile In Justice: Art, Journalism, Sociology and Criminal Justice"
Richard Ross, photographer, researcher, professor, and activist, will present on "Juvenile In Justice," his current multidimensional project on the subject of the US juvenile justice system. Seven years in the making, the project includes more than 1,000 kids in detention in 31 states and sits at the nexus of art, journalism, sociology, and criminal justice. Ross introduces us to kids with the least voice, from families with the least resources in neighborhoods with the least power. Striving to use his artistic practice as a vehicle for measurable social change, he has given use of the work gratis to non-profits advocating for change in pubic policy and the work has been presented before US Senate Committees and the Supreme Court. 
(Co-sponsored by CILSA.)

1/22: Geraldine Moriba 
"Gender, Race, and the Metamorphosis of the News Industry"
Geraldine Moriba, EMMY award-winning executive producer of CNN's "In America" unit and Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at CNN Worldwide,  will discuss issues of gender, race, and the metamorphosis of the news industry. NOTE: event will begin at 7:30pm. 
(Co-sponsored by Women's and Gender Studies, the Communication Dept., and The Disney Forum.)

1/30: Robert Hass
"Thinking About Ovid in the 21st Century: Metamorphosis, Myth, and the Carbon Cycle"

Robert Hass, world-renowned poet, environmental activist, educator, and SMC alumnus, will speak on concepts of metamorphosis in nature, society, and art. On the subject of his talk entitled "Thinking about Ovid in the 21st Century: Metamorphosis, Myth, and the Carbon Cycle", Hass writes: "Nature is about change; both literature and science try to understand it, so it is interesting to hold up Ovid's magical stories of mythic transformation to modern literature, the development of ecology, and 21st-century imperatives. We can't speak about community anymore, nor community service, without talking about all of life."