Jan Term 2015: "Lives Well Lived"

For 2015, our community selected "Lives Well Lived" as our Jan Term theme.  Take a moment to reflect on some of the most interesting notes submitted on this theme by students, faculty, and staff... 
  • “Lives Well Lived” describes what Jan Term is all about: enriching our academic experience and providing us, through travel and on-campus courses, a college life well lived.  Jan Term encourages exploration, both of the mind and in life. 
  • The phrase brings to mind an intentional way of life - a life that is not simply something that happens, but something that is experienced. It's the difference between being passive or active, of acquiescing or being critical. "Lives well lived" is a reflection of the way in which we hope all Saint Mary's students, staff, and faculty will live their lives.
  • "Lives Well Lived" sounds very promising in that it suggests an experience-based approach to the basic philosophical question of how best to live.  I think it would encourage faculty to think about how their courses relate to their and their students' lives.
  • What a great theme! Relevant to life in general and to what I think should be the purpose of higher education at the undergraduate level: to equip students with the tools to live an examined life that will empower them to discover their authentic selves, a discovery that is the sine qua non of a life well lived.
  • I believe that, with the constant bombardment of information and the extraordinary amount of "Life enhancement" activities and opportunities at our fingertips, there is a craving for direction and wisdom about how to make decisions that will lead to a life well lived. We are preoccupied with the question: what path will lead me to a fulfilling life? I think this topic is timely and important and can lead to a holistic consideration of mind, body, spirit in both the topics we choose and the ways in which they will be presented. 
  •  “Lives Well Lived” calls to mind reflectiveness and an examination of what it means to have lived a good life. This is where interpretation and subjectivity come in. People can discuss how they think a life well lived should be like… There is the potential to have people really reflect on life and how they really want to spend it. 
  • Everyone hopes to have a life well lived and looks to others for aspirational models. It’s exciting and engaging to have this theme for Jan Term 2015!