On-Campus Jan Term Course Registration

You should be aware of specific guidelines before registering for your Jan Term campus course.

Registration Guidelines

  1. With the exception of independent study projects, all January Term registration will be via GaelXpress.
  2. Students are not required to meet with their faculty advisor in order to register for January Term.
  3. Students will register for all on-campus courses by academic class level on Monday, October 7th through Thursday, October 10th. DUE TO POWER OUTAGES, Sophomores & First Year students will register on Monday, Oct. 14 & Tuesday, Oct. 15 respectively. 
  4. The Registrar's Office will send dates regarding  If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at (925) 631-4214.
  5. If you are registering for a campus course that requires the instructor's signature, or if an instructor's signature is needed to exempt you from one of the prerequisites for the course, you must bring a signed "Instructor's Permission Form" to the Registrar's Office prior to your registration day so that you may register online for the course. Alternatively, as in the case of most travel courses, the instructor may choose to present the Registrar with a list of those students who have been granted a signature.
  6. The last day for students to submit a completed proposal for independent study is Friday, October 26th. Such students should ALWAYS register for an on-campus course in case their proposal is not approved.
  7. Visiting students should contact the Registrar's Office for information about registering for January Term courses.
  8. Registration for a January Term course only guarantees students a place in the first class of the January Term session. Students who fail to attend the first class will be dropped from the class list unless they have notified the instructor or the Registrar in advance. Please call the Registrar at (925) 631-4214.