SMC Travel Risk Assessment Committee

Saint Mary's College is not sponsoring international travel for students, staff or faculty at this time.

SMC's Travel Risk Assessment Committee (TRAC) assesses and advises all Jan Term Travel courses in collaboration with Jan Term faculty and staff. TRAC review is an integral component of SMC's due-diligence measures regarding travel health and safety.

TRAC was established to review any and all domestic and international travel conducted by faculty, staff, athletic teams, courses, and co-curricular groups to assess and identify potential risk.  The committee provides feedback to instructors, coaches, and staff regarding potential risk as well as recommendations for addressing those risks to reflect the college’s due diligence and commitment to ensure safe travel experiences for its community members. The committee does not “approve” travel activities, but instead makes recommendations to SMC administration when a potential risk is evident.  Faculty and staff are then advised of appropriate steps to take to mitigate risk. 

TRAC works directly with the Center for International Programs (C.I.P.) and the Jan-term Committee to review international travel courses, learning opportunities, and other global activities.  Questionnaires designed to identify risk factors are included in Jan-term course proposals.  This information is the basis of TRAC review and assessment.  With the information provided and obtained from travel questionnaires and applications, TRAC maintains a robust, automated database that can be used to immediately and efficiently monitor and contact SMC travelers according to their itinerary in case of emergency.  In rare and extreme cases, TRAC considers extraordinary circumstances such as political unrest, terrorist activity or health conditions that pose potentially serious harm by consulting appropriate sources such as the U.S. State Department, professional organizations and various news media to make informed policy decisions.