Travel Course Costs

Travel course fees are billed in addition to tuition.  Full-time undergraduate students at Saint Mary's are required to take a January Term course and therefore their annual tuition covers the tuition cost of their January Term course, not the travel course fee.

Other students are charged their normal tuition rate in addition to the travel course fees (for example, part-time students pay the normal tuition fee of $5,350 per class in addition to the travel course fee.)  Students who are not full-time undergraduates may only enroll on a space-available basis.

Non-Saint Mary’s students will be billed tuition and travel course fees unless a different arrangement is stipulated in a formal exchange agreement between Saint Mary's and the visiting student's college. Regardless of such arrangements, visiting students pay a $30 registration fee, any applicable course fee and if they are going to live on campus, they pay room and board costs which vary according to meal plan.
For resident Saint Mary's students whose January Term course requires them to be off campus during January, there is a credit against board costs for the length of time the student is traveling.  This credit is figured at the rate of $75 per week, not to exceed four weeks.
These fees are subject to change prior to January 2018. Contact the Saint Mary's College Business Office for exact figures.