Travel Registration & Deposit Process

Questions about the registration and deposit processes, requirements, and deadlines for Jan Term Travel courses? Please read the detailed information below prior to contacting The Jan Term or Center for International Programs offices with questions. We also have a comprehensive FAQ here.



Wed, 9/11: Jan Term Travel Fair 

Fri, 9/13 (Noon):  Jan Term Travel Scholarship deadline

Thurs, 9/19: Scholarship awards announcement

Mon, 9/23: Student info due to instructors for intent to register

Fri-Tues 9/20-24: Deposit window 

Thurs, 9/26:  Travel registration on GaelXpress

Fri, 10/18:  Business Office opens the Final Payment Window

Tues, 10/29: Final payment due for Travel Course fee

Fri, 11/15: Travel paperwork submission deadline 


Post-Registration Meetings (attendance to 1 date is required):

  • Thurs, 10/3: 2:00-3:00 pm in Soda Center, Moraga Room
  • Mon, 10/7: 1:00-2:00 pm in Soda Center, Moraga Room
  • NEW! Tues, 10/15: 10:30-11:30 am in Soda Center, Moraga Room
  • NEW! Wed, 10/16, DROP-IN:  1:00-3:00 pm in Garaventa 230
  • NEW! Thur, 10/17, DROP-IN:  2:00-3:30 pm  Garaventa 230



    In order to enroll in a Travel course, the following steps are mandatory:

    1. Attend a travel course’s pre-registration informational meeting. View the Information Session Schedules HERE.
    2. Confirm with the instructor that you meet all of the course's requirements. 
    3. Submit your name, SMC ID, SMC email, & phone number to the instructor no later than Monday, Sept 23.
    4. Confirm that your Fall bill has a $0 balance.
    5. Pay the deposit (either via GaelXpress through "Student Accounts" or in-person at the Business Office) between Friday, Sept 20 - Tuesday, Sept 24th.



      Deposits will be accepted from September 20, 2019-September 24, 2019 in the Business Office and online.  They accept checks or cash. Credit cards or debit cards are not accepted. The Business Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm.

      The deposit amount for all courses except LSI I (local & domestic) is $2,000.

      If you receive a Jan Term Travel scholarship (to be announced Thursday, Sept 19th) your deposit amount will be reduced to $500. 

      If you register for JAN 186:  Parks and Rack (Public Parks and the Wine Country of Northern California), you will receive a refund of the remainder from your deposit.


      • You must have a ZERO balance in order for the Business Office to enter your clearance for registration.

      • If you are on the monthly payment plan, you must be current with your payments and only have your October 15th installment due.

      • Jan Term Travel deposits are non-refundable once a student registers for a Jan Term Travel course.

      • Once enrolled, a student is obliged to pay the full course fee and may not drop the course without losing the full course fee.



      Payments be made by students by logging into GaelXpress. Click on the Current Student menu. The online system accepts eCheck payments. Please follow the below instructions from GaelXpress:

      • Click on Student Account Center
      • Click on "Deposits" on the top menu bar
      • Select a Term: Please select "Jan Term 2020"
      • Select a deposit: Please select your travel destination


      PARENTS: If you are a parent wanting to pay for the deposit directly, you must be set up as an Authorized User by your student in order to pay. Authorized Users log in using the link below and follow the same instructions by going to the Deposits link (on the top menu bar) then select “Jan Term 2020” then select your travel destination.

      More questions? Contact the Business Office at or  (925) 631-4209.



      Travel Registration is on Thurs, 9/26 through GaelXpress.

      Please contact or (925) 631-4214 with questions.



      Registration is based on completed/graded credits

      • Seniors = 27.00+
      • Juniors = 18.00 - 26.99
      • Sophomores = 9 - 17.99
      • Freshmen = 0 - 8.99

      Registration for January Term Travel (only) will go as follows:

      • Seniors will begin registration at 9:00AM
      • Juniors will begin registration at 11:00AM
      • Sophomores will begin registration at 1:00PM
      • Freshmen will begin registration at 3:00PM (Freshmen can not travel Internationally)

      On-Campus January Term Registration is Oct 7th-Oct 10th
      Registration days and times will be sent one week prior to registration



      If a student withdraws from a Travel course due to an emergency, they may petition for a partial refund. Petitions must be submitted to the Business Office. Petitions will be considered only after all expenses related to the course have been paid (i.e., in February 2020).

      Please contact the Business Office if you have issues or questions about your account: 925.631.4209. 





      Attendance at one of these events is mandatory. 

      Here we will tell you how to register on the travel portal, what documents and travel vaccinations are required, and other important information you'll need for your Jan Term Travel course. We will be tracking attendance. The last 2 dates will be drop-in for students with questions or need help registering on the travel portal.

      • Thurs, 10/3: 2:00-3:00 pm in Soda Center, Moraga Room
      • Mon, 10/7: 1:00-2:00 pm in Soda Center, Moraga Room
      • POSTPONED DUE TO POWER OUTAGE: Wed, 10/9, DROP-IN:  1:00-3:00 pm in Garaventa 230
      • POSTPONED DUE TO POWER OUTAGE: Thurs, 10/10, DROP-IN:  1:30-3:30 pm  Garaventa 230
      • ***At least 2 Drop-In Sessions will be added for next week***



      All students traveling internationally must supply a U.S. passport, valid through August 2020, by November 15, 2019 to travel in January 2020. No exceptions. 

      Students traveling within the U.S. do NOT need a passport.

      Students who do not supply their valid passport by November 15th will be ineligible to travel and will not receive a refund of their course fees.

      If your passport expires prior to August 2020, renew your passport as soon as possible.

      The Jan Term Program does not coordinate the acquisition of travel visas for students. If a travel visa is needed for your destination, you will need to get one yourself. (Your instructors will be able to advise you about the process & requirements.)

      If you are not a U.S. citizen, you may need an additional travel visa.



      All course fee balances must be paid in full by Tuesday, Oct 29. No exceptions.



      Students must be in good disciplinary standing in order to participate in a Travel course; screening will take place the week following registration. Ineligible students will be refunded.



      Jan Term Travel courses are designed for currently enrolled students as a graduation requirement, and are not allowed for students on a “not for credit” basis.



      Pass/Fail is not an option for Travel courses.