Jeffrey Pouncey '87

87PounceyA new addition to the Bay Area Campus, Jeffrey teaches psychology and infects his students with his contagious enthusiasm. Jeff holds a Master of Arts in psychology as well as a doctorate in clinical psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. His extensive training ranges from pediatric neuropsychology to geriatric neuropsychology, and was completed entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area. His pre-doc internship was completed at Kaiser Permanente “Richmond where he worked with children, adolescents, and their families. In addition to the experience of working with a culturally rich population of children and teens, under the auspices of great practitioners and clinical supervisors, Dr. Pouncey completed a comprehensive dissertation endorsed and sponsored by the Kaiser Permanente Division or Research “Northern California. The dissertation, entitled, “The Acute Effects of General Anesthesia on Attention in Pediatric Patients,” was a study that attempted to track the “attentional” function of child surgical patients before and after anesthesia. The study used neuropsychological measures and instruments to determine the residual effects of anesthesia following surgery to determine a better timeframe of returning children to a school/learning environment. Following a three-year neuropsych residency in San Mateo, Jeff completed forensic psychology work at Napa State Hospital. Presently, Dr. Pouncey has an office in Vallejo where he provides behavior health consulting and Biofeedback treatment in the form of therapy and pain management. Additionally, Jeff provides pre-employment assessments and career development planning. Dr. Pouncey currently teaches The Biological Basis of Psychology, Human Motivation, The Statistical Basis of Psychology and The Essence of Psychology at University of Phoenix. As he facilitates, he often incorporates in his lesson plan the idea of the essence of academic rigor and excellence. He attempts to promote the level of excellence in his students that extends beyond weekly assignments and activities – but reaches to the core of who they are and want to become through University of Phoenix. He addresses the importance of the students’ scholarly activities and efforts, and this usually involves referencing the “Drive to learn scenario” from Socrates: “your drive to learn is like a drive to breathe air after a lengthy submersion, you’re ripe for absorbing”.  Students are encouraged to learn for the purpose of life and with this knowledge, to share it with others accordingly - young and old. Jeff is currently a member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the American Psychological Association as well as the Solano County Business Group. He has volunteered in the faith-based organization, New Life Church children’s ministry and has provided psycho-social and behavioral health presentations throughout the Vallejo community. Jeff also has a passing for writing children’s literature and historical novels. He has put this desire into action with the recent release of his first two books: Adventure at the Big, Brick Haircut Factory, and Midnight Tear: The Tulsa, Oklahoma Greenwood District“ A Story of Forbidden Affluence, a children’s book and historical novel, respectively. Jeff will be presenting these publications at The Bay Area’s forthcoming Faculty Scholarship Showcase. In his spare time, Jeff reads, writes, and excites learning in his children. “I’m also inclined towards wandering and pondering,” he says. “That is, I enjoy observing and participating in things natural, and less with things synthetic. I am an avid church goer and church learner.” Jeff is married to Bren, his dear wife of 20 years, and has three children: Xavier, Jenesis, and Joel.