Jenny Martinez

Dear Members of the Saint Mary's Community,

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Jenny Martinez, a member of our freshman class and lacrosse team, was killed in an automobile accident this weekend near her hometown of Niwot, Colo.
Jenny graduated from Niwot High School in May, where she played three sports and served on the student council. She joined our community in August and was planning to play her first game with the lacrosse team in February.

Members of the Saint Mary's community have been in contact with Jenny's family and her teammates to share our condolences. Director of Counseling Sheri Richards is coordinating the Counseling Center's response to this tragedy, and members of the center's staff are available for grief counseling. The College will also hold a memorial service for Jenny and celebrate her life in January when students return from the holiday break.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jenny's friends, family and teammates during this time of loss.

In Saint La Salle,
Brother President Ronald Gallagher