Jordan Bonadio ('11)

Graduate Student, Film and Media

Jordan was a dedicated student and a varsity athlete at SMC.  Her time at Saint Mary's prepared her well for grad school, even in a field that wasn't her specialty as an undergraduate.

Name: Jordan Bonadio
Major: Communication
Minor: Psychology
Year of Graduation: 2011
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Graduate School Currently Attending: Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, emphasis in Film and Television Producing, Class of 2013

I loved being in the Communication Department at Saint Mary's because the professors are some of the best on campus.  They are kind, passionate, and intelligent people that taught me invaluable lessons in my four years of college.  

"I believe that a Saint Mary's education differs from most undergraduate colleges' because my teachers taught me lessons in the classroom, but also took the time to learn about my life outside of school and help me through challenges I came across in my other endeavors."

As an athlete on campus (Division 1 Women's Rowing, 4 years), one of my favorite parts of college was being a part of the team.  The friends I was able to make through the rowing team quickly became my best friends, and I can't imagine my college experience without them.  I learned so many things from being a part of the team - hard work, dedication, perseverance, friendship, and especially leadership.  I feel that being a captain on the team for three years helped to shape me into the person that I am today, and is a huge contributor to my success in graduate school at Chapman.  As a captain my sophomore year, I had to learn how to be seen as a leader by my teammates that were one and two years older than myself.  My coach Nicole Younts helped me better understand what it means to lead by example, and how to earn the respect of others.  These are skills that i was not only able to apply during my time on the team, but also will use for the rest of my life, especially if I am able to be successful in the film industry.

My all-time favorite class at Saint Mary's was Advertising, taught by Charlotte Holden.  Professor Holden has held many impressive jobs in the industry and was able to teach us as if we were co-workers, instead of in a typical classroom setting.  The projects and tests were extremely challenging, but the material was incredibly interesting.  We were able to create our own advertising campaigns, which was my favorite project I did at Saint Mary's.  It was so fun to collaborate on such a huge project with my classmates and feel proud of what we had creatively come up with.

Near the midpoint of my senior year, I decided that I was interested in potentially working in the film industry.  I decided to apply to a few graduate schools so that I would have the option of going if I decided that was the right choice for me when I graduated.  I studied for and took the GRE Exam, and began my applications for three film institutions in the Film and Television Producing programs.  Applying to graduate school is stressful and overwhelming, but I was lucky enough to have the support of my family, friends, professors, and team to get me through it.  It was a complex process that involved a lot of work, but it was definitely manageable.  I found that my professors and coach were more than happy to help me out however they could, and that support was extremely advantageous.  I strongly believe that some of my strongest selling points for my acceptance to these schools were that I was a part of the rowing team and that I was not the "typical" film school applicant - I did not major in film or production in college.  Film School is different from other types of graduate school in that it is not so much about what you learned in college, it is more about the person you became in college.  Because of this, I was able to apply my leadership and organizational skills immediately and am now learning all that I need to know about film preproduction, being on set, making movies, and life in the industry.  

My goal after graduate school is to produce a television series or the morning news.  I love how the television industry moves at such a fast pace, and would love to write my own script and see it take form in people's living rooms.  Only a select few make it in this industry, but I believe that I have what it takes to do so, and I attribute a lot of that to Saint Mary's.  I learned how to fit my studies and my athletics into even the busiest of days, and that has helped me immensely with my busy graduate school schedule.  Being a producer is a 24 hours a day job, often with early mornings and late nights, both of which I experienced often at Saint Mary's.  

Besides school, I love to be active and creative.  I recently ran a half marathon in San Francisco with my college teammate, Haley Adams, and I love to fit a workout in whenever I can.  I also love to be creative, often putting my own touch on things that I see as boring, including party planning and decorating.  In my free time, I like to watch movies and television so I can stay up to date and as knowledgable as possible in the film industry.  I am an extremely organized and motivated person, and I love to work hard and see results.  I am extremely detail-oriented, and at times can be a perfectionist.  I think these personality traits have helped me find success during my time at Saint Mary's and even more so during my time at Chapman University.