Personal Training

We offer one-on-one and small group personal training programs, led by certified SMC Students that provide you with the tools and support you to feel comfortable and enjoy your fitness journey. 

Personal Training has been suspended until further notice.


Choose the best option for you and take the first step to register. After registration, you will recieve communication via email from one of our personal trainers to begin. 


 Personal Training Options (Click to Purchase)

1 Personal Session    45 Min  $25                      
5 Personal Sessions    45 Min $100


Buddy Training Options (Click to Purchase)

1 Buddy Session 45 Min  $30 ($15 each)
5 Buddy Sessions 45 Min $130 ($65 each)


What to expect when you sign-up.

1. Our Certified Personal Trainers will contact you via email and send you the forms to get started.

2. After the forms are complete, your Personal Trainer will set up the "Get to know" you meeting.

3. During this meeting, your Personal Trainer will have you go through a series of exercises to determine the best track for you.

If you have 1 session, you will go immediately into the personal training session.

If you have multiple sessions, your Personal Trainer will determine the best course of action.


Our goals are to energize, inspire and build relationships with our clients.

Let us know how we can help.