5th Year Application Process

Timeline for TFT 5th Year Application Process
  1. November:
    1. Create/access online application
  2. December:
    1. Submit application no later than December 30th (please note that you may wait and upload your additional materials later)
  3. January – February:
    1. Complete your interview. The admission counselor will contact you to schedule an appointment.
    2. You must complete your admission interview before the last week of February 
    3. You will receive notification of your acceptance February 27th
  4. March
    1. By March 4th TFT application files must be complete (with TB, BSR, SMCR) to be eligible to register for summer courses
    2. The Program Assistants in your credential department will register you for summer courses the week of March 4th



Questions? Contact, Isabella Navarro imn1@stmarys-ca.edu, Mary Withers (MSTE) mlw7@stmarys-ca.edu, Cyndie Paul (SPED/SSTE) cpaul@stmarys-ca.edu



KOSE Academic Calendar

5th Year Program of Study MSTE, SSTE, SPED