Freshman FAQ

Your most Frequently Asked Questions, answered!
  • I notice that JCL has an Education concentration for students planning to become elementary teachers. Is the Program exclusively for such students? JCL is an excellent program to prepare for a variety of other careers-e.g., law, business, public policy, counseling, social work, etc. Some of our recent graduates have gone to law school or pursued graduate studies in business or public policy. Others have chosen social services, work with non-profit organizations, restaurant management, and business. JCL has two 4+1 programs: one is our TFT program for multiple subject teaching (K-8) which leads to a Masters in Education; the other is our Leadership program which leads to a Masters in Leadership for Social Justice.
  • When should I declare Justice, Community and Leadership my "major"? You can choose the JCL Program in place of a traditional major as early as your freshman year, and inform the registrar of your choice.
  • What is Teachers for Tomorrow, and who is eligible to participate? Teachers for Tomorrow is a 5-year track of the JCL Program designed for those students with strong academic backgrounds who know when they enter Saint Mary's that they want to be elementary school teachers and that they want to enter the Saint Mary's Master's program. These students get early experience in the classroom, complete their B.A. in their fourth year while they begin credential courses, and complete their credential and Masters in Education in their fifth year.  See Teachers for Tomorrow on this website.
  • What is the Leadership 4+1, and who is eligible to participate? Leadership for Social Justice is a 5-year track of the JCL Program designed for those students with strong academic backgrounds who are interested in community engagment, theories of leadership, and the prospect of becoming change agents in the world. Students graduate to work in the public sector and non-profit organizations. During the 4th year, students take three graduate courses, and after earning their B.A., continue in their 5th year to complete a Masters in Leadership for Social Justice. See Leadership for Social Justice on this website.
  • If I am planning to enter the JCL Program, what courses should I take as a freshman? When you enter St. Mary's College, your first semester of courses will be planned for you during the orientation process. All of our interested majors should take JCL 10 in the fall. All Education concentration students should also take Math 1 in the fall.