Minor Requirements

This multidisciplinary minor, housed within the Justice, Community and Leadership Program, incorporates community engagement and issues of social justice into the experiences and curriculum of students interested in learning about the principles and practices of justice, community and leadership.  The minor must consist of at least five courses outside of the student’s major(s).  The following courses are required:




Lower Division (2 courses)

ECON 10: Economics and Society AND

            JCL 10: Introduction to Justice, Community and Leadership or

            SOC 4: Social Problems (Community Engagement-designated section) 


Upper Division:  (4 .25 - 5.25 courses)

            --Theories in Social Justice (1):

                        JCL 120 (Theory and Inquiry ) or

                        POL 115 (Theories of Justice)


            --Advanced Leadership Theory (1): JCL 150


            --Upper division electives (2):

            Choose two courses from a menu of selected core-designated courses (as    requested by the sponsoring departments and approved by the JCL advisory        board), which might include:

                        JCL 120 (if not already taken as theory)       

                        JCL 130: Environmental Justice

                        JCL 140: The Global Community

                        BUSAD 181: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

                        COMM 161: Communication and Social Justice

                        ECON 150: Environmental and Resource Economics

                        ECON 152: Labor Economics

                        ECON 192: Economic Development

                        HIST 136: Immigration and Ethnic Relations in American History

                        HIST 138: The Development of Modern American Culture

                        HIST 139: History of Women in America

                        HIST 141: African-American History: 1865 to the Present

                        HIST 151: Women in Latin American History

                        HIST 152: Revolution in Latin America

                        HIST 155: Latin American Environmental History

                        HIST 163: Ethnic Identities and Conflict in China

                        PHIL 130: Ethics

                        POL 106: Labor Politics

                        POL 110: Minority Politics

                        POL 115: Theories of Justice (if not already taken as theory course)

                        POL 125: Human Rights

                        POL 126: Food Politics

                        POL 135: Environmental Politics

                        SOC 101: The Sociological Imagination

                        SOC 114: Urban Studies

                        SOC 115: Wealth and Poverty

                        SOC 116: New Immigrants and Refugees

                        SOC  120: Social Movements and Social Change

                        SOC 122: Education, Culture and Society

                        SOC 124: Justice and Community

                        SOC 128: Crime and Delinquency

                        SOC 134: Contemporary Social Issues

                        TRS 117: Wealth and Poverty in the Bible

                        TRS 141: Christian Ethics

                        TRS 142: Medical Ethics

                        TRS 143: Catholic Social Teaching

                        TRS 151: Judaism

                        TRS 153: Eastern Religions

                        TRS 154: Hinduism

                        TRS 155: Buddhism

                        TRS 156: Religions of India

                        TRS 166: Spirituality in Practice: Catholics in America

                        TRS 171: Gender and Religion in American Culture

                        WGS 100: Research Seminar on Women’s and Gender Issues

                        WGS 177: Feminist and Gender Theories


            --Capstone experience (.25 or 1.25)

If the student’s primary major requires a capstone project, the student can choose to incorporate JCL emphases in the project for that program. If not,       the student can choose from one of the following:


                                    JCL 196

                                    SLICE (Student Leaders in Community Engagement) or

                                    SOC 140        


                        In addition to a capstone project, all minors will complete:

                                    JCL 190 (.25) Assessment and Portfolio