TFT 4+1 Prior to Fall 2018

As of Fall 2018, the JCL program is transitioning from our traditional 4+1 teacher education model to a 4-year model that will allow students to obtain their Bachelor of Arts and Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Teaching credential. 

The, prior to Fall 2018, TFT 4+1 model offers aspiring K-8 teachers the unique opportunity to begin their teacher preparation as undergraduates within a broad, deep and interdisciplinary liberal arts program. TFT students earn their bachelor's degree in four years, and then earn their Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and optional master's degree in their fifth year at the Kalmanovitz School of Education

Key features of TFT 4+1: 

  • Integrated curriculum

  • Early field placements in schools

  • Collaborative learning communities

  • Faculty members are highly qualified professors and educational leaders

  • Strong commitment to serving as leaders in tomorrow's schools

  • Admission to the credential program in the Summer after graduation  

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