Kalmanovitz School of Education Awards Scholarships to 12 Students

Twelve students from Saint Mary's School of Education were recognized during the 15th Annual Kalmanovitz School of Education Corporate Advisory Council Scholarship Dinner held at the Soda Center on May 13. Faculty and staff of the school, members of its corporate advisory council, and other donors were in attendance to honor students awarded scholarships.

The scholarship awards ranged from $4,000 to $5,000 and were presented by Dean Nancy Sorenson, who was assisted by Robert Power, chair of the corporate advisory council.

Scholarship recipient Angela-Dee Alforque, who commutes to the College every other weekend from Sacramento, spoke about the significance of the awards for her colleagues and what receiving the scholarship means for her family.

"Out of over 150 living relatives, across four generations in the U.S. and the Philippines, there are only six college graduates and four of us are women," she said. "I am the only one with a master's degree and, with my family's support and inspiration, I am the only one to pursue a doctorate,"

Joined by her husband, Mario Hill, and their 7-year-old daughter Malaya, Alforque remarked that the main barrier for most of her family members to higher education is a lack of financial resources.

"For me, the scholarship means not having to make the choice between paying tuition or paying my mortgage. I can have both."

Alforque began an doctoral program in educational leadership at Saint Mary's in 2007. She plans to pursue research on the sustaining factors of social justice leadership.

Partially based on financial need, scholarship consideration is given to a student's academic performance, professional aspirations and accomplishments. Other students who received scholarships were Jessica Alexander, James Allan, Sara Baskin, Charlotte Betson, Gregory Breazeale, Kristen Clark, Kody Meginnes, Meredith Morgan, Cia Restaino, Kate Bokan-Smith and Beth Walters.

The student awards were made possible by the Lee Ann Langley Memorial Scholarship, the Kalmanovitz School of Education Scholarships, the J. M. Long Foundation Scholarship, the Thomas J. Long Foundation Scholarship, the Robert Power Scholarship, the Karen Anne Lippstreu Memorial Scholarship, the Donald J. and Helen Wood Scholarship, the Macy's West/Sun-Reporter Scholarship and the Jessica Ortiz-Mendoza Memorial Scholarship.