Lasallian Pedagogy

Honoring John Baptiste de La Salle

The Christian Brothers who founded Saint Mary’s College work in the tradition of John Baptiste de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers.

“Lasallian pedagogy” carries with it a few basic principles:

  • The classroom is a sacred space where transformative things happen;
  • students are people with complex lives, complex needs, different learning styles, and diverse perspectives;
  • and educators are concerned about poverty in our communities and specifically the way poverty impacts the ability of children to learn.

This dimension of our Catholic and Lasallian traditions has impressed upon us the need to emphasize  high quality teaching, community engagement, urban education, and culturally responsive pedagogy.

Students in the KSOE are introduced to the Lasallian mission and the works and life of de La Salle.  The KSOE also has strong connections to Catholic schools in the region, and it supports the training and development of teachers, counselors, and leaders employed in these schools and other Catholic organizations.  

KSOE activities connected to Lasallian pedagogy: