Urban Education

A pathway to positive change.

We define urban education as teaching and learning in contexts that serve students who have been historically disenfranchised and traditionally marginalized by systems of inequality based primarily on race, ethnicity, culture, gender, social class, language, and disability.

Connecting education for teachers, counselors, and school leaders with urban schools and communities leads to myriad positive outcomes:

  • It prepares culturally responsive teachers and leaders
  • It supports classroom learning and student success
  • It inspires educators to serve long-term in the classroom 
  • It encourages teachers to participate in transforming the educational system in supportive, ethical, and socially engaged ways 

At the KSOE, students are introduced to key learning in urban education. We offer opportunities for deeper learning and research in the field in conjunction with faculty research projects and/or community programs.

KSOE activities connected to urban education: