Shawnnie White - Master of Arts in Counseling, Class of 2015



“KSOE helped me realize that you learn from every experience and interaction, and that all my flaws and everything I have gone through in my lifetime are essential tools in being a great counselor. The more I learn and grow as a person the better I become as a daughter, a citizen, a counselor and an individual. I would not be the person I am today without this program.”




Brian Sullivan - Administrative Services Credential, Class of 2015



“From the relationships I have forged with my peers and faculty, to the mission and spirit of Saint Mary’s College, my experience at KSOE has been incredible. You will be hard-pressed to find a faculty that cares more about the preparedness and well-being of the student body than those at Saint Mary’s."





Leanne Greenberg - Master of Arts in Counseling, Class of 2016



“What stands out for me is the incredible faculty support and program flexibility, which is crucial to many of us who juggle jobs, family, and life on top of our school work. In doing the introspective work that is required of any counselor-in-training, it has been invaluable to have the support of faculty who validate progress, who address obstacles with compassion and truly believe in us. I have grown personally and professionally, and feel more prepared not only for my future career, but for life.”