Financial Aid

Student loans, the most common form of aid for adult students, are available regardless of income. As a Lasallian institution, we are invested in serving students of all means.

To complete an application for financial aid, please go to to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Saint Mary's College federal school code, requested on the form, is 001302.

To view tuition rates for the 2021-2022 academic year, click here. Financial aid is available to most students. Click here to learn more about the program costs and financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. When do I apply for financial aid?

If aid is needed to pay tuition, students should apply for financial aid when applying for admission to the program. Students are billed from the beginning of the program and are obligated to pay tuition not covered by financial aid. Students may also apply once in the program, if aid becomes a need.

2.  Once I apply, will I receive financial aid throughout the entire program?

No. The program is too long to be covered by one financial aid period. A financial aid loan period is eight months or two academic terms (trimesters). Students MUST RE-APPLY every two terms for continuing financial aid.

3.  When do I receive financial aid?

Students receive two disbursements each financial aid loan period (two trimesters). The disbursements are made each trimester, or once every four months. The disbursements are processed about one month into the trimester, after the College verifies students are admitted, registered, and have no outstanding debts from the previous term.

4.  Is the amount of financial aid equal to the cost of the course?

Frequently, the amount of the aid is more than the cost of the program courses. If that is the case, students receive a check from the Business Office for any amount over the cost of the courses for the term in which the aid is disbursed. If the amount of the aid however, is less than the cost of the courses during the term in which the disbursement is made, the student must pay the difference to the Business Office.

Independent undergraduate students with junior or senior standing may borrow up $12,500 per financial aid loan period (2 trimesters).

5.  What else do I need to know?

To be eligible for aid, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units each trimester. 

Students must remain in the program during the loan periods.  Withdrawal may disqualify a student from financial aid.

Students must be fully accepted into the program before aid is awarded.