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General Information

925-631-4700 (front desk); 925-376-8379 (fax)
Mailing AddressPMB 4350, Moraga, CA  94575-4350
Physical Address: 1928 St. Mary's Rd., Moraga, CA 94556
Building: Filippi Academic Hall (FAH), 2nd Floor


The Dean's Office

Dr. Carol Ann Gittens, Dean
Assistant to the Dean: Laurie Aguirre

Dr. S. Marshall Perry, Associate Dean
Assistant to the Associate Dean: Lydia Wiley

Enrollment and Student Services
Senior Director of Enrollment and Student Success: Dr. Colleen Keirn 925-631-4889

Admissions and Outreach
Manager: Aida Pelton 925-631-4199
Assistant: Mindy Sauve 925-631-4054

Business Operations
Director: Vince Nicosia 925-631-4135
Operations Specialist: Dora Scott 925-631-4722


Academic Departments


Counseling Department
Department Chair: Dr. Bedford Palmer, II
Senior Administrative Assistant:  Winnie Froehlich 925-631-4130

Higher Education & Student Affairs / Higher Education & Student Affairs / PCC / Career Counseling
Program Director: Dr. Gloria Sosa 925-631-4306

Marriage & Family Therapy/Professional Clinical Counselor
Program Director: Dr. Liz Abrams
Field Placement Coordinator: Diane Sus 925-631-8891  

School Counseling/School Psychology / Post-Master's, School Counseling PPS Credential-Only / Post-Master's, School Psychology PPS Credential-Only
PPS and School Psychology Program Director: Dr. Rebecca Anguiano 925-631-4465
School Counseling Progam Director: Dr. Suzy Thomas 925-631-4539
Field Placement Coordinator: Jill Nelson 925-631-6286


Leadership Department
Department Chair: Dr. Monique Lane
Senior Administrative Assistant: Allsion Doyle 925-631-8161

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies (BALOS)
Program Director: Dr. Stacey Robbins                                  

Master of Arts in Leadership
Program Director: Dr. Marguerite Welch                                

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential/Master of Arts in Educational Administration 
Program Director: Dr. Tangela Blakely Reavis

Master of Arts in Teaching Leadership (MATL)
Program Director: Dr. Heidimarie Rambo  925-631-4617

Doctorate in Educational Leadership (EdD)
Program Director: Dr. Heidimarie Rambo  925-631-4617                                      

Teacher Education

Teacher Education Department
Department Chair: Dr. Susan Marston
Senior Administrative Assistant: Mary Withers 925-631-4292

Master of Arts in Education Program
Program Director: Dr. Laurie Edwards 925-631-8031

Master of Arts in Teaching Program
Program Director: Dr. Mary Kay Moskal

Master of Arts in Special Education Program
Program Director: Dr. David Krapf 925-631-8177

Multiple Subject Credential Program (Elementary Education)
Program Director: Dr. Ani Moughamian

Field Placement Coordinator: Cynthia Goin  925-631-5035                                 

Single Subject Education Credential Program (Secondary Education)
Program Director: Dr. Luz Casquejo-Johnston

Field Placement Coordinator: Chris Junsay  925-631-4741                                     

Special Education Credential Program
Program Director and Admissions: Dr. David Krapf 925-631-8177                                      
Field Placement Coordinator: Cathy Rice 925-631-8319

Teachers for Tomorrow (TFT) / Justice, Community and Leadership (JCL)
Program Director: Dr. Monica Fitzgerald 925-631-4605

JCL Teacher Education Coordinator: Isabella Navarro  925-631-4304


Academic Centers

Environmental Literacy
Director: Luz Casquejo-Johnson 925-631-4089

Leadership Center
Co-Director: Dr. Ken Otter
Co-Director: Dr. Doug Paxton

Reading Recovery Center
Director: Adria Klein
Program Assistant: Annie Browne 925-631-5044