Courses Open to Undergraduates

Undergraduates who are interested in teaching careers may take up to 4 courses in the Kalmanovitz School of Education with the permission of their advisor and the course instructor.

Undergraduates can also pursue the Teachers for Tomorrow Program (TFT) which provides an integrated curriculum of teacher preparation courses along with liberal arts courses as part of the Liberal and Civic Studies Major. By the end of the 5th year, students can achieve both a Multiple Subject Credential (elementary) and a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Multiple Subject Teacher and Student

Undergraduate students may elect to take the academic phase of the Montessori Early Childhood Program in whole or in part. This program forms the Liberal Studies Minor called Montessori Thought. The graduate phase includes a paid internship and completion of SMC curriculum requirements. The options of AMS Early Childhood Teaching Certification, Montessori Elementary Teacher Preparation, California State Teaching Credential, and a Master's degree can be included at the graduate level. Careful planning of coursework and electives is required so it is recommended that you see your academic advisor and the Coordinator of Early Childhood Education at the earliest possible stage in your academic career.

Enrollment in a Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP) makes it possible for you to prepare for a future career teaching high school and/or middle school. SMPPs provide you with a sequence of courses in your major, approved by the state, which results in a Bachelor's degree. These courses also waive subject matter competency examinations required for a graduate level Teacher Credentialing Program.

The following SMC departments have Subject Matter Prep Programs: