Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my credential?

For all credentials, follow this link. This web site has been created to provide you with literally everything you need to know in order to get your credential. Please take time to read the web site thoroughly.

How long does it take to get my credential?

There's no easy answer to this. To get your credential you need to: (1) upload all of the correct, current, valid documents to TaskStream; (2) have all documents marked "in compliance", which requires that you have submitted the correct documents; (3) have your recommendation application approved by your program director; (4) receive an email that your recommendation has been submitted to the CTC; (5) you have to pay for the recommendation on the CTC's site and answer all of the background questions; (6) wait for the CTC to run a background check and issue the credential. This process can take 8-12 weeks, and longer during times that are outside of the Fall or Spring semesters.

How do I upload documents to TaskStream?

Here is a video to walk you through the process.

How can I view which documents I am missing? 

For teaching credential candidates, all documents in your credential file are stored and tracked on TaskStream, therefore you can view which documents you are missing at anytime through TaskStream. For Pupil Personnel Services, School Psychology or School Counseling (PPS) and Administrative Services Credential (ASC) candidates, you do not have the same document requirements as the teaching credentials, so almost all of your documents were collected when you applied to the program. Please see ASC (link) and PPS (link) for more information.

Can Saint Mary's send my credential documents to a school district, a school, another university, to me or to anyone else?

Due to FERPA laws, no one at SMC can send any credential file documents to another entity at any time for any reason. The student must get the documents from the original party (doctor's office, university, testing company, etc.) and send them themselves. Please see the University's FERPA policy for more information.

For teaching credentials, is simply uploading documents to TaskStream sufficient in order to meet the credential requirement? 

No, uploading documents to TaskStream is not sufficient to meet the credential requirement. The documents must be approved by KSOE personnel and marked as “accepted”. You will receive an email indicating this, and this will also be noted in your TaskStream Clinical Compliance area. If you do not receive this email, log into TaskStream, verify your email on file in your TS account, then check the Clinical Compliance area for updated information. If your document is listed as “pending evaluation”, please be patient while KSOE personnel evaluates the many documents that are submitted. 

When will my credential file be reviewed? 

The contents of you rcredential file will be reviewed before the start of student teaching 1, student teaching 2 and at the end of your program when you submit your credential application. If documents are missing, you will not be permitted to progress to the next level of your program so it is advised that you submit as many documents as you can as soon as you can. 

For teaching credentials, how can I save files from Clinical Compliance on TaskStream?

Students can not download files from Clinical Compliance so it is vital for you to maintain your own copies of all documents submitted for the purpose of credentialing. KSOE/SMC also cannot provide copies of any credential documents you submit either back to you or to any third party, including employers, school districts, or other universities per FERPA laws.)

I got the email saying that I've been recommended for a credential but my credential isn't listed on the CTC's site. Why?

Once the recommendation has been submitted, you must pay for your credential within 45 days of the recommendation, otherwise the recommendation will be deleted and purged from their system. Until you pay for your credential, it will not be issued by the CTC.

What is a Preliminary Credential and how long is it good for? 

A Preliminary Credential is the first teaching or administrative credential a Multiple Subjects, Single Subject or Education Specialist teacher or Administrative Services credential holder receives in California. The Preliminary Credential is good for a five year period and may not be renewed. It is the holder's responsibility to complete all remaining requirements for the Clear Credential during the term of the Preliminary. Your employing district will work with you to complete the requirements to receive a clear credential. Please speak with them for more information.

What is an Intern Credential and how long is it good for?

The intern credential, available for Multiple Subject, Single Subject, Education Specialist and PPS-School Psychology credential candidates, allows the student to work as the teacher of record while being a student at SMC. The intern credential is valid for a maximum of two years, or however long you are a current student in the credential program, whichever is less. If you finish your credential coursework and the intern credential is less than two years old, then the credential will be cancelled after you finish all of your coursework and you are no longer a student at SMC in that credential program. That means that a situation may arise wherein you may not have finished all of the requirements to get your preliminary (or clear credential in the case of School Psychology) and your intern credential will be cancelled because you finished all of your coursework, leaving you without a valid teaching credential. It is important that the candidate does everything they can to complete the preliminary (or clear for PPS) credential requirements as soon as possible after they complete their coursework soas to avoid this situation. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all of their credential requirements and to stay on top of what requirements they need to finish and when they need to be finished.

Do I have an English Learner authorization on my teaching credential? Do I have CLAD?

Students receiving their teaching credentials in the current year at SMC will have an English Learner authorization automatically included on their credential. It is very important to note, however, that students receiving their credential in the current year do not have a CLAD authorization, that is an authorization that ended many years ago. Students will have a similar authorization on their credential. For students who received their credentials already, the English learner authorization will be included on their credential record. Please go to for more information.

How do I fulfill the Constitution requirement for a teaching credential?

Please see this link

What happens in between the time my Preliminary Credential is converted into a Clear Document?

Until such time as the Preliminary Credential is converted to a Clear document, the holder may be held responsible for any new requirements for the Clear Credential added by State law or regulations. If the Preliminary lapses, the holder is no longer able to use it as an authorization for employment in the public schools.

When will I be able to use my Preliminary Credential to apply for it to be converted into a Clear Document?

Under current state law, the Preliminary Credential holder is expected to complete a CTC-approved Induction program and have two years of successful full-time teaching before applying for the Clear Credential. If you find yourself in a situation where Induction is not available, other options will apply. 

When can I apply for my Preliminary Credential to be converted into a Clear Document?

Under current state law, the Preliminary Credential holder is expected to complete a CTC-approved Induction program and have two years of successful full-time teaching before applying for the Clear Credential. If you find yourself in a situation where induction is not available, other options will apply.

For information about clearing your credential consult the CTC leaflet at this link.

I'm moving to another state and I have this form I need someone to fill out. Where can I send it?

Please email it to and ask for the Credential Analyst. Please include the entire form with no parts cut off, and be sure to fill out your part (usually the top part) including your date of birth, social security number, former last name(s), and where the form should be sent. Please be sure to include your contact information if any questions arise.

Constitution Requirement (PDF)

Accessing your Credential Record (PDF)

Online Application Process (PDF)