How to Get your Preliminary Teaching Credential

Please read the credential information web page in entirety for a complete understanding of the process and documents involved.

Steps you should follow: 

1. Log into TaskStream (link).

     Instructions for how to log in to TaskStream: PDF or Video

2. Gather all of your completed documents (link).

3. Upload all of your completed documents to TaskStream in the Clinical Compliance area (link).

4. Make sure you are uploading the correct documents. Please see this sheet to be sure (link).

5. Wait for all of your completed documents to be checked off (link).

6. Once all of your documents are checked off, upload the Credential Application form (link) to TaskStream.

7. Make sure your email address is up to date with the CTC’s web site:

8. Wait for an email from the CTC indicating that the recommendation has been submitted. This will take at least 3 weeks.

9. Pay for your credential on the CTC's web site.

10. Watch the CTC’s web page and your email for updates and issuance of your credential. This will take at least 4 weeks for the credential to be issued.