Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Summer Term Priority Deadline: February 1st

The priority deadline for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program is February 1st, 2022. Apply today.

Are you ready to begin your path toward a career in educational leadership? The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential will pave the path to future success. Learners both navigate the complexities of their roles as school leaders and know who they are as people in those roles. 

Program Details

Program Duration

Sequence of 24 units designed to build skills that are applicable beyond the workplace. This is a program designed to help you grow and succeed, not just receive a diploma.

Learning Environment

Online program that includes group projects and supervised field experiences.

Average Class Size

15–18 learners per cohort. Cohort members in the program form a learning community. Your success starts with connections.


Why Preliminary Administrative Services Credential?

"I feel like I am engaged and learning new things. I am also very much enjoying the other students in my cohort. It is so nice to meet new people." – Lydia Rice, current student

With this important credential in hand, you will be prepared, and authorized, by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to perform the following services in transitional kindergarten to high school and adult school:

  • Develop and assess instructional programs and student support services
  • Supervise, recruit, hire and evaluate certificated and classified personnel
  • Manage school site, district or county-level fiscal services

After earning your Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, you are eligible to enter into our Master of Arts in Educational Administration program.