Program Details

Rigorous and Rewarding

Are you dedicated to social justice and helping underserved communities? The Doctorate in Educational Leadership program at the KSOE will hone your capacity for enlightened leadership through dynamic coursework and applied action research.

Our 60-unit program is challenging and highly rewarding. You will learn how to engage with others to articulate a shared vision for the common good, and then create a system to achieve that vision. 

Completion Requirements

  • 60 units of cohort-based Ed.D. coursework that can be completed in four years
  • Successful completion of competency exams
  • Complete applied research dissertation

Coursework in Four Research Cycles

  1. Collaborative Inquiry: In a small team, you will participate in a systematic process of examining your professional practice using action and reflection.
  2. Community-Based Research: With other cohort members, you will work with a school, agency, or nonprofit group to develop a research project that meets the needs of the organization, while learning important research skills.
  3. Participatory Action Research:You will engage in a participatory action research project within your work setting, which includes working with other "insiders" on projects aimed at creating sustainable change through collaboration.
  4. Dissertation Research:You will choose a topic related to your area of interest, enroll in coursework directly related to your dissertation and work jointly with your dissertation chair during the proposal/development phase.

Program of Study (60 units total)

Year 1 Course Number

Course Title

Summer 1 EDAD 618 Leadership: Theory to Practice (3 units)
Summer 2 EDAD 611 Organizational Theory (3 units)
Fall 1 EDAD 617 Introduction to Research (3 units)
Fall 2 EDAD 610 Values and Ethics (3 units)
Spring 1 EDAD 619 Organizational Change and Innovation (3 units)
Spring 2 EDAD 608 Quantitative Research I (3 units)



Year 2 Course Number Course Title
Summer 1 EDAD 640 Quantitative Research II (3 units)
Summer 2   Elective Seminar 1 (3 units)
Fall 1 EDAD 605 Qualitative Research I (3 units)
Fall 2 EDAD 633 Qualitative Research II (3 units)
Spring 1 EDAD 632 Leadership for Equity (3 units)
Spring 2 EDAD 604  Leadership Perspectives on Public Policy (3 units)


Year 3 Course Number Course Title
Summer 1 EDAD 615 Learning and Leading (3 units)
Summer 2   Elective Seminar II (3 units)
Fall 1 EDAD 634 Systems Thinking (3 units)
Fall 2 EDAD 641 Data Driven Decision Making (3 units)
Spring 1 EDAD 613 Literature Review (3 units)
Spring 2 EDAD 614 Dissertation Proposal (3 units)


Year 4 Course Number Course Title
Summer, Fall, Spring EDAD 629 Dissertation Research and Writing (6 units)*

*Take 1-6 variable units in each term of Year 4 until complete