KSOE Strategic Plan

A focus on excellence in counseling, education, and leadership. 

The KSOE Strategic Plan is a two-year rolling plan grounded in the mission of the school.  Each year, we assess our progress and revise our tactics while always keeping our sights on our vision to be known statewide for excellence in educating counselors, teachers and leaders. 


Organizational effectiveness

A. Improve capacity for communication and collaboration

TACTIC 1: Revise dean’s communication network to continue much of the work and to focus more on distinctive elements.

B. Improve capacity for inclusive excellence.

TACTIC 1:  Review results and revise tactics related to different demographic categories.

TACTIC 2: Establish inclusive excellence steering committee and cultural competency training group.

C. Continue to improve processes around fundraising and alumni relations

TACTIC: Complete building the advisory board to 10 members.

D.  Develop capacity for engaging with and adapting to evolving higher education landscape.

TACTIC: Form exploratory group on international opportunities.

E.  Develop routine metrics for staff and faculty workforce planning.


Educational Effectiveness and Student Success

  1. Improve engagement with program review and learning outcomes assessment

TACTIC 1: Reach 100% participation of program assessment program

TACTIC 2:  Complete annual action plans for all programs.

  1. Improve processes to support accreditation

TACTIC 1:  Reach established CTC milestones.

C.  Improve processes that support marketing, student recruitment and admissions.

TACTIC: Successfully transition from Hobson’s to Slate.

D. Develop excellence in innovative pedagogy, including hybrid delivery

TACTIC: Develop faculty series on innovative pedagogy.

E.  Foster and promote faculty research

      TACTIC: Develop faculty series that promotes and creates dialogue around    faculty research.

F. Improve rates for graduation and time-to-degree

TACTIC 1: Study data on graduation rates within programs and develop goals.

TACTIC 2: Develop program-specific tactics to improve retention and time to degree, including faculty advising plans, if necessary.

TACTIC 3: Develop school-wide student organization. 


Distinctive Identity

Initiative:  Develop distinctive excellence in engaged research, environmental literacy, Lasallian pedagogy and urban education.

TACTIC 1: Incorporate distinctive elements into criteria for student admissions and faculty and staff hiring.

TACTIC 2: Inscribe distinctive elements into program curriculum. 

TACTIC 3: Engage implementation teams on progress and updated action plans.

TACTIC 4: Study and propose a name change for the school.