Learning Outcomes

In This Section

Expand your capacity as an agent of change

"Developing close relationships with like professionals and working through the same struggles and solutions was very meaningful to me as I developed my skills as a teacher leader." ~ MATL Graduate

The Master of Arts in Teaching Leadership program offers an intensive, practice-based curriculum that helps shape future leaders in education. It is designed to connect theory and practice through integrating academic study, classroom application, standards-based practice and reflective inquiry. 

As part of your learning, you will engage in an action research project in your own classroom.

Our learners grow as:

  • Effective facilitators and presenters who understand the diverse learning needs of students and colleagues
  • Refective leaders grounded by personal vision and values
  • Collaborative colleagues who participate in professional learning communities that support sustainable school change
  • Responsible users of data to inform teaching practices and guide organizational change