Master of Arts in Education

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Research your own teaching. 

Special note: This program currently requires students to have completed a Multiple Subject or Single Subject teaching credential at Saint Mary’s College.

If you would like to build on the work carried out for your teaching credential, the Master of Arts in Education offers you the opportunity to examine and analyze your own teaching practice by carrying out classroom-based action research and writing a master’s thesis.

The program incorporates the coursework and field experiences completed for a Multiple Subject or Single Subject teaching credential. The program begins each summer and concludes the following summer with a presentation of your research study.

Course of study:

The master’s program requires the completion of a research-based thesis. Your thesis will be completed under the supervision of a faculty chair and reader. The master’s degree can be completed in as little as one year.

Credential courses:

Required Master's courses (11 units)

  • MATS 501 - Great Ideas in Education (3 units)
  • MATS 530 - Introduction to Classroom Research (3 units)
  • MATS 531 - Classroom Research Project (3 units)
  • MATS 532 - Classroom Research: Projects and Presentations (2 units)

Total units for Credential and Master’s:  46-47, depending on credential

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