Masters Programs

Ready to build on your accomplishments?

A master’s degree from the KSOE allows you to deepen your knowledge in your chosen area of education, learning from faculty who engage in research, curriculum development, and advanced teacher education.

In our graduate programs, you will become up-to-date in cutting-edge developments in education, engage in shared inquiry with peers, and create a piece of original research or an applied educational project that demonstrates your mastery of your discipline.

Your choice of program is guided by your area of specialization, and whether you would like to carry out research or complete a project.

Master of Arts in Teaching

  • A project-based program designed for teachers with Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist credentials

Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education

  • A research- or project-based program for candidates with a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of educational experience in a pre-school setting

Master of Arts in Education

  • Currently requires a credential from Saint Mary's College, a program for teachers that features classroom-based action research

Master of Arts in Montessori Education

  • Currently requires a Montessori credential from Saint Mary's College, a program for Montessori teachers that requires either a research study or a thesis project

Master of Education in Special Education

  • Currently requires an Education Specialist credential from Saint Mary's College, a program for teachers that incorporates a research-based thesis or an applied synthesis project