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About the Degree

More than ever before, we need to practice leadership capable of adapting to our changing, interdependent, and uncertain world. This means that learning, relationships, and collaboration are key ingredients in leadership for the 21st century and enable you to solve problems and create positive change in the workplace, in our communities, and in society. 

Those who complete the MALOD 4+1 degree will: 

  • Identify a range of key distinctions and trends in the field of leadership
  • Recognize leadership as more than a role and a position, but as an activity in which all people participate as well
  • Analyze and explain complex ideas and perspective in clear, accessible, and compelling ways
  • Demonstrate enhanced critical and creative thinking toward more skillful action in work and life
  • Navigate ambiguity, uncertainty, and complexity with greater skillfullness
  • Positively influence people and organizations through greater self-awareness, critical thinking, self-reflection, constructive communication, mindfulness, collaboration, and action learning
  • Reflect deeply on your own cultural embeddedness and identities and acquire skills to approach, analyze, and engage with the diverse global culture in which you live and work 
  • Formulate a personal leadership philosophy and practice; articulate and act in greater congruence between your personal values and your vision for leadership

Wherever your path may be, leadership will assist you in your journey.

About Your Cohort

Your MALOD 4+1 education starts with connections — from the beginning, you will belong. As a student, you instantly become a member of a cohort — your cohort.

This group of people includes other individuals on the same path, with similar goals and ambitions, all of whom share in your learning process and become friends and allies along the way.

Your cohort is an invaluable network and source of support. Each group is diverse and offers exposure to different career fields, opportunities, and perspectives.

Program Facts

Program Duration

12 months following completion of BA

Learning Environment

One in-person session on campus per month, with readings and online discussions in between.

Average Class Size

15-18 learners per cohort. Cohort members in the program form a learning community.

Program Courses

The MALOD 4+1 program involves a sequence of 9 courses designed to build learners’ knowledge and strengths as leaders in a variety of organizational settings, as well as gain skills that are applicable beyond the workplace. This is a program designed to help you grow and succeed, not just receive a diploma.

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Application Requirements

SMC Senior, joining the following two Spring classes: LDSH 206 and LDSH 273.

Benefits, Tuition, and Fees

To view tuition rates for the 2021-2022 academic year, click here. Financial aid is available to most students. Click here to learn more about the program costs and financial aid.