Meet our Faculty

Award-winning experts in their fields

Our distinguished faculty bring years of practical experience to the classroom. First and foremost, they are focused on your success. Beyond classroom learning, faculty place extremely high value on the professional development of each student and will challenge and support you to deliver your best every day.

Monique Lane, Ph.D.

Annalee Lamoreaux, Ph.D., Program Director, B.A. in Leadership and Organizational Studies

Ani Moughamian, Ph.D.

Ken Otter, Ph.D., Co-Director, Leadership Center

Doug Paxton, Ph.D., Co-Director, Leadership Center

S. Marshall Perry, Ph.D., Chair, Leadership Department

Heidimarie Rambo, Ph.D., Program Director, Doctorate in Educational Leadership; Program Director, M.A. in Teaching Leadership

Tangela Reavis, Ph.D., Program Director, Administrative Services Credential/M.A. in Educational Administration

Kathleen Taylor, Ph.D., Ed.D. Admissions Chair

Marguerite Welch, Ph.D., Program Director, M.A. in Leadership


All KSOE Faculty