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Released October 27, 2020

In this issue, we highlight stories of KSOE alumni, students, and faculty who are coming together with renewed energy for a reimagined future. Counseling faculty Drs. Anguiano and Martinez are reimagining how to partner with community organizations to heal through trauma-informed care and anti-racist pedagogies. Leadership faculty member Dr. Monique Lane talks with EdD scholar and Oakland Police Department Deputy Chief Drennon Lindsey about values-based public service and accountability in law enforcement. Rion Larson (BA ‘07, ECR ‘12, MA ‘21), and his student teacher, credential candidate Nikki Griffith (ECR ‘21) discuss how to mitigate educational inequities in K-12 flexible distance learning spaces. Drs. Adria Klein and Debra Semm Rich from the KSOE Reading Recovery Center share their excitement in receiving the HEROES grant which will allow them to expand their offerings and strengthen their support to teachers. These are just a few of the ways the KSOE is reimagining our work and leading by example.

Joy broughton

This year, the endeavors and accomplishments of the KSOE community stand out against a backdrop of a mighty global health threat that has challenged us socially, economically, and emotionally in profound ways. No one has been untouched, and our condolences go out to those in the extended KSOE community who have lost family and friends to the virus. The KSOE faculty, staff, students, and graduates this year have demonstrated endurance, compassion, integrity, and achievement throughout the turbulence. We showcase this in the stories included here in our Spring Newsletter.