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The KSOE is proud to be a Reading Recovery University Training Center, one of North America's 17 university sites for this post-graduate program.

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program for first grade children who are at risk for learning to read and write. Saint Mary’s College of California Kalmanovitz School of Education is a University Training Center for this professional development program. Teachers may enroll in four different Reading Recovery programs to become a Reading Recovery Teacher, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, Literacy Lessons Teacher, or Descubriendo la Lectura Teacher. The Center also offers training in the Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM) for both Literacy Coaches and Teachers. Both classroom teachers and support specialists can train in the CIM program. Each program consists of a yearlong curriculum that offers graduate coursework and units to be taken through Saint Mary’s. The Reading Recovery Teacher Leader and the CIM Literacy Coach programs meet regularly on campus but also use video conferencing and distance learning for some meetings. The CIM Literacy Intervention Coach program uses a hybrid training approach. The four teacher programs are taught off campus by Teacher Leaders and Literacy Coaches at school district sites affiliated with Saint Mary's. Teachers receive a certificate upon successful completion of their program.

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Use the following Interactive Map to see the various sites and teacher leaders affiliated with Saint Mary's College of California.  

You may find information about each program's courses, units and tuition here: RRC Program Offerings 2019-2020

Why does Reading Recovery work? Learn more in this video.

Another great resource is the Reading Recovery Council of North America

Upcoming Reading Recovery Conferences: 

California Reading Association (CRA) Annual Conference, October 18-19, 2019 Conference Registration Now Live:  CRA Conference 2019

Missouri Association of Reading Recovery Educators (M.A.R.R.E.) Conference, November 20-22, 2019 Conference Registration Now Live:  MARRE Registration 2019 

Saint Mary's College of California Spring Literacy Conference, April 4, 2020 SMC Literacy Conference 2020 Flyer 

Reading Recovery Teacher Program

Reading Recovery Teachers train with a Teacher Leader while working individually each day with four students at a school site. Two years of prior experience teaching in an elementary classroom is required. Enrollment is determined by an application and interview process in the local school district. Applicants must be employed and sponsored by a school district. Classes held off campus.

Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Program

Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders commit to a yearlong curriculum designed to prepare them to train Reading Recovery Teachers. They work individually with four students each day at a school site and fulfill internship responsibilities with practicing Teacher Leaders in their classes. Prerequisites for entering the program include a Master’s Degree and prior experience teaching reading. Applicants must be employed and sponsored by a school district. After the training year and successful completion of all coursework, a field year is required to complete certification. Classes held on campus. If you would like to apply please fill out the application and commitment forms.  

Descubriendo la Lectura Teacher Program

Descubriendo la Lectura (DLL) is designed to bridge fluent Spanish-speaking Reading Recovery teachers trained in Reading Recovery in English to DLL. The purpose of DLL is to prepare Spanish-speaking teachers to offer early intervention in reading and writing to Spanish-speaking children who are receiving their primary literacy instruction in Spanish [will learn to read in Spanish]. Classes held off campus.

Literacy Lessons Teacher Program

Literacy Lessons Teachers train with a Teacher Leader and work individually with students in Special Education and English Language Learner programs. Literacy Lessons is based on the same theoretical work as Reading Recovery, but expands services to a wider range of students. It is designed to help readers and writers develop early literacy processing systems. Classes held off campus. Learn more in our LL brochure

Literacy Coach Program

Saint Mary's Reading Recovery Center in partnership with the Center for Literacy at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock prepares literacy coaches through specialized coursework that focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a literacy coach in the Comprehensive Literacy Model (CLM) and the Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM). The training uses a hybrid approach that includes video teleconferencing for all training seminars and clinical observations, plus face-to-face attendance at a summer institute and a fall conference. Learn more in our CIM brochure. Please scroll to end of page for application link. 


For further information, please contact:


Shannon Woodworth, Program Assistant



Dr. Adria Klein, Program Director and Trainer 


Dr. Debra Rich, Reading Recovery Trainer 


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