Kate Antosik-Parsons '01

01Kate Antosik-Parsons Kate and her husband Eoin Parsons live in Dublin, Ireland with daughters, Olivia (5), Clodagh (3) and son, Conall (14 mo). After graduating from Saint Mary's Kate went backpacking around Europe with Julie Cotter and Carolina Gonzales-Villar. Her intentions to work for a brief time in Ireland were radically altered when she met Eoin and they subsequently married in 2004. Kate held her first solo exhibition 'Identity' in 2003. She completed an MA in Women's Studies (2006) and a PhD in Art History (2012) at University College Dublin, where she currently lectures in Art History and Irish Studies. She has published several essays and exhibition and book reviews on gender, performance and Irish art. From 2010-2013 Kate was an editor of Artefact: The Journal of the Irish Association of Art Historians. Her poetry contribution to a migrant writers anthology led to an opportunity to take tea with the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins in December 2012. She continues her visual practice and is learning to speak Irish. (www.kateap.com