KCBS Talks with SMC's Bob Gorsch about the 75th Anniversary of the War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

KCBS news radio spoke with Saint Mary's English Professor Robert Gorsch about the 75th anniversary of the Halloween eve radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds," a 1938 CBS live radio show that caused a panic among thousands of people across the nation who believed that Martians had invaded the Earth. Gorsch, who teaches courses on the literature of science fiction, spoke with KCBS about the Golden Age of Radio, a time when radio was the prime deliverer of news and entertainment, before the transition to television in the 1950s, and why people at that time believed a bogus live news broadcast that told listeners that invaders from another planet had landed on the planet.  Listen to the KCBS news interview with Bob Gorsch.

Date of Mention: 
Sunday, November 3, 2013