KGO Radio talks with SEBA's Andrew Wilson about his research on overly optimistic consumers

The KGO Radio show "Consumer Talk," with Michael Finney, interviewed SEBA Marketing Professor Andrew Wilson about his research into the purchasing habits of overly optimistic consumers. The interview was prompted by the recently published paper "Rose-Colored Glasses: Are Optimistic Consumers More Likely to Trust Salespeople?" in the Journal of Consumer Research. The "Rose Colored Glasses" paper was co-authored by Wilson and his research partner Peter Darke of York University in Toronto. 

The two researchers found that consumers with over optimistic viewpoints are more vulnerable after a purchase, arguing those types of consumers cope with "buyer's remorse" (second guessing a purchase decision) by investing more trust in a sales person. In the KGO interview Wilson said that consumers with this "Rose Colored Glasses" viewpoint may be more inclined to buy extended warranties and other add ons from a sales person, further justifying their initial purchase.

The Saint Mary's Graduate Business program professor suggested that individuals who believe they may be overly optimistic protect themselves by bringing along a sort of designated "pessimist" to help tamp down that urge to overly trust a sales person.  Listen to Andrew Wilson's interview on KGO Radio's "Consumer Talk".

Date of Mention: 
Saturday, April 21, 2012