KGO-TV Taps SEBA Prof. Arnav Sheth About Facebook's IPO Affecting User Privacy

KGO-TV news reached out to SEBA Assistant Professor Arnav Sheth about how Facebook's IPO could affect user privacy. 

A finance professor in the Graduate Business Program in Saint Mary's School of Economics & Business Administration. Sheth's research interests are in risk-taking, and in risk management.

While his concerns were truncated for the news report, Sheth suggests users of the social network be wary of disclosing too much private information on their Facebook pages. Now that it is public the company will have to answer to shareholders who want to profit from the ads and services that are driven by the information of the service's subscribers.

(Sheth's interview begins at 4:50 minutes in the video.)

Date of Mention: 
Friday, May 18, 2012