Diverse Ways of Learning

Inside and outside the classroom.

Opportunities on and beyond the Saint Mary's campus add to your understanding of kinesiology. For instance, if your interest is sport management, you learn from experts who come to your classes to address the marketing, legal, fundraising, and other aspects of the field. As a NCAA Division I school, Saint Mary's has ready access to professionals who deal with these sport management issues every day. Or you might hear an elite athlete's perspective on performance and life in sport (U.S. soccer star Brandi Chastain has been among the classroom visitors).


Department of Kinesiology



Class of 2019 award recipients Sara Chase (Mens Sana In Corpore Sano), Cara Flice, Janet Moody and Alfredo Delagado

Class of 2019 award recipients Sarah Chase, Cara Filce, Janet Moody, and Alfredo Delgado

2021 Niel Caldwell, ES
2020 Alyxandria Fairman, HHP
2019 Sarah Chase, HHP
2018 Christian Portillo, SRM
2017 Jordan Kurtz, SRM
2016 n/a
2015 Ian T. Barwick, HHP
2014 Zachary Roberts, SRM
2013 Beau Levesque, SRM
2012 Sabrina Nichol Smith, HHP
2011 Bradley A. Alban, HHP
2010 Dylan B. Leslie, SRM
2009 Tina Maria Vincent, SRM
2008 Karen Elizabeth Meyer, SRM
2007 Lauren Marin Shaughnessy, SRM
2006 Justine Larsen, HHP
2005 Katie Mary Frattone, Teaching
2004 Lindsey Ann Lopez, Teaching
2001 Kristopher William Szalonek, HHP
2000 Samantha Laine Conroy
1998 Molly Maureen Horan, SRM
1997 Megan Mary Driscoll, SRM

*Until 2012, the departmental award was titled the Edward P. Madigan Award.

The Kinesiology undergraduate program started in 1975 under the title of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER).

ES - Exercise Science 

HHP - Heath and Human Performance

SRM - Sport and Recreation Management