KQED and NBC Bay Area News Interview Professor Carl Guarneri About Civil War's 150th Anniversary

GauarneriSaint Mary's professor Carl Guarneri was interviewed about the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and California's role in the nation's bloodiest conflict on KQED's California Report and a morning news program. He was also interviewed about the Bay Area's connection to the war for an evening news story on NBC Bay Area News/KNTV.

In KQED's California Report story, Guarneri was interviewed at Fort Point, a Civil War era fort in San Francisco, about the importance of California's gold to the armies of the North and South and pro and anti-slavery sentiments in the state. In a morning news story for KQED, Guarneri discussed how the Bay Area factored in the lead up to the war. And in the NBC Bay Area News story on a Civil War Cemetery in Redwood City, the SMC history professor provided insight into the participation of 16,000 Californians in the Union Army and how San Francisco's Union Square was given its name.

Listen to SMC History Professor Carl Guarneri in KQED's California Report story "The Civil War, In California?"

Listen to SMC History Professor Carl Guarneri in the KQED-FM news story "Bay Area Played Key Role in Civil War."

Listen to Guarneri's complete interview about California's role in the Civil War on "News Fix" KQED's News Blog.

Watch the NBC Bay Area News story "The Bay Area's Connection to the Civil War," featuring Carl Guarneri.

Date of Mention: 
Friday, April 15, 2011