KRON4 TV: LatinaVIDA Helping Professionals of Color to Excel in Leadership

Opening Doors: Tammy Ramos of LatinaVIDA


On “Live in the Bay” on KRON4 TV, Executive Director of LatinaVIDA Tammy Ramos ’93 discusses how the nonprofit she leads is giving professionals of color the foundation and support to excel in leadership. Ramos guides viewers through the organization's mission—and how it supports work by businesses and other organizations in efforts to attract, retain, and promote diverse talent. Ramos is an attorney, executive coach, and expert on diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has led LatinaVIDA for the past nine years.

Watch Tammy Ramos talk about LatinaVIDA with host Oliva Horton.


“Opened Doors Where I Didn’t Even Know Doors Existed”

Authority Magazine on Medium also published an interview with Ramos on December 28: “Tammy Ramos Of LatinaVIDA on How Diversity Can Increase a Company’s Bottom Line.” She shares the story of being not only the first in her family to attend college and law school but the first to graduate from high school. “I'm also the first non-teen Mom,” she says. “I’m ternally grateful for all those along the way in my journey to success who believed in me, inspired me, opened doors for me and basically—took a chance on me.” 

Asked if there is a particular person who helped her get to where she is, Ramos talks about the importance of two important mentors: her foster mother; and former SMC faculty member Maria Hernandez, who ensured Ramos had support through the High Potential Program for first-generation college students at Saint Mary’s:

The most important piece of advice I share often is that we need people along the way to support us in life and career. Some may be mentors, others sponsors, coaches, counselors, colleagues, friends, family, professors, bosses, allies, etc. What all these people have in common is—your best interest. They want to see you happy and successful. I have been blessed to have had many lifelong believers in Tammy Ramos. One story is of my foster mom, Mary Pena. She was the leader of the Mecha Club at my high school. She saw that I had no home, no family, no hope. So, she took me in and gave me a home, family and hope. She changed the course of my life and helped me to see that there was so much more I could do and become. She inspired me and helped me apply for college where I would meet Dr. Maria Hernandez who took a chance on me and gave me a seat in the High Potential Program at Saint Mary’s College. Dr. Hernandez has been a lifelong friend who has opened doors for me where I didn’t even know doors existed. These two women continue to build me up to continue to dream big dreams and see them come to fruition.

Read the full interview with Olivia Ramos here.


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Tuesday, December 13, 2022