KSOE Fall Reopening Instructional Modality Plan

The Kalmanovitz School of Education (KSOE) is at a critical moment in instructional planning for the fall term. Our compelling responsibility is the health and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff.  Your safety is our top priority. We are currently planning for both online and hybrid courses in the upcoming term. What does this mean exactly? You will be receiving additional information from your specific department/program on fall term course modality and schedule, but here are the basics:

  • All fall KSOE courses will either be 100% remote (online) or offered in a hybrid format.  
  • While hybrid courses combine in-person instruction with remote learning, all KSOE courses can accommodate fully remote learners. So no students will be required to come to campus to participate in fall classes. 
  • You will have the option of fully participating via distance learning (online) in any fall KSOE course listed as “hybrid” without penalty. 
  • Any fall term KSOE course offered in a hybrid format is at the discretion of the faculty member ~ no instructor is being required or compelled to provide face-to-face instruction. 
  • Graduate students participating in fall KSOE courses will follow the KSOE 2020-21 academic calendars without modification.
  • Undergraduate students participating in fall KSOE courses will follow the KSOE semester calendar and will have online instruction for all remaining class sessions following the Thanksgiving holiday recess. 

To make this reopening plan possible, we in the KSOE are hard at work building the infrastructure for course delivery, participating in educational technology training sessions, preparing online course pages and instructional videos for our students, and acquiring needed instructional materials and equipment to ensure high-quality learning and engagement with our phenomenal KSOE educational community consistent with SMC’s Catholic, Lasallian, liberal arts tradition. 

It is important to acknowledge that today’s public health facts and advisories are subject to change in the coming weeks. The pandemic situation is dynamic and volatile and research on its impact continues to inform us all. It is very possible that new or changed health orders are issued between now and the first day of fall term, which can force us to reconsider our instructional modality options. 

With this said, I truly believe that never have we more needed in our society resilient and talented educators, mental health professionals, and leaders such as you who espouse the deep professional understandings and training, as well as social justice commitment, and care for the whole person that is the hallmark of a KSOE education. We will be successful through this reopening process because of the collaboration with and support for one another.


Carol Ann Gittens, Dean