KSOE Gaelebration Festivities

KSOE Gaelebration Team

On Saturday, October 6, the Kalmanovitz School of Education (KSOE) along with the rest of Saint Mary's College and the greater community participated in a campus-wide "Gaelebration" to commemorate Saint Mary's 150th Anniversary. It was a picture-perfect fall day filled with entertainment and learning for the over 5,000 attendees. There were interactive programs and fun attractions, including rides, performances, live bands, athletic demonstrations and giveaways. Gourmet food trucks and carnival fare provided something tasty for everyone.

Here in our KSOE home, Filippi Academic Hall (FAH), we provided "Love Learning Lemonade," "Back to School Brownies," and lots 
of giveaways for all of our over 200 visitors. There was a raffle with multiple prizes awarded every hour, including the grand prize, dinner or spa treatment at the Lafayette Park Hotel which was awarded to a very elated Amy Larimer.

Our own distinguished faculty gave a number of presentations throughout the day that were well-received:

  • Deborah Sharpe, "The Expressive World of Art Therapy"

Love Learning Lemonade Stand

  • Dr. Kathleen Taylor & Dr. Annalee Lamoreaux, "Outsmarting Your Brain: How Adult Brains Really Work"
  • Dr. Kathy Perez, "Learning is NOT a Spectator Sport! Brain-Based Teaching"
  • Dr. Heidimarie Rambo, "Going Global: Teaching English as an International Language in Sri Lanka"
  • Patricia Chambers, "What is Montessori?"
  • Dr. Raina Leon, "SMC TE(A)CH: Teaching with Technology"

It was a grand day of "gaelebrating' for all!