KSOE Leadership Faculty featured on The Cohort Sistas podcast

In light of releasing her new book, Engendering #BlackGirlJoy, Dr. Monique Lane of the Leadership Department was featured on an episode of The Cohort Sistas podcast.

On October 20, 2021, Dr. Monique Lane was interviewed by the host of The Cohort Sistas podcast, Dr. Ijeoma Kola, to discuss her work on Black girlhood and Black joy. Dr. Lane is a tenured Assistant Professor in the Kalmanovitz School of Education’s Leadership Department. Her teaching, scholarship, and activism work together to bridge the disconnect between critical social theory and classroom practice.

During the conversation, Dr. Lane shared how she adapted her dissertation into her recently published book, Engendering #BlackGirlJoy: How to Cultivate Identities and Educational Persistence in Struggling Schools. She unpacked what she meant by “joy,” and how Black girl joy is the precursor to Black girl magic. Dr. Lane talked about her journey from being an undergraduate student, high school teacher, doctoral student and beyond, and how her work as a teacher motivated the research direction she took during her doctorate.

Dr. Lane’s book focuses on how educational institutions should intervene as sources of respite and reparation in the face of the dual pandemic of COVID-19 and systemic racism. Dr. Lane outlines a Black feminist pedagogical framework that inspired bountiful #BlackGirlJoy in one embattled public school. This text is a heartfelt offering to educators committed to taking courageous and innovative action-in solidarity with Black girl learners-toward the betterment of their lives.