KSOE Students collaborate with De La Salle High School Summer Reading Program

Dr. Joy Broughton, Assistant Professor in the Special Education Program in Kalmanovitz School of Education, partnered with Mr. Jon Norfolk at De La Salle High School, Concord, to assist with their Summer Book Club tutoring program held in De La Salle’s new Learning Center.  The program was designed as a Reading-Writing voluntary workshop to help prepare DLS students for their rigorous English Language Arts fall courses. Patterned after a book club, KSOE graduate student education specialists were able to implement strategies learned in their courses to help the high school students. Offered for students in grades 9, 10, and 11, in groups of 10, they met weekly in-person at De La Salle High, with a virtual option for those unable to attend in person.  


Mr. Norfolk commented, “Our partnership was a huge success. Over the summer, the experience stamped an important theme somewhat lost during the pandemic—Inclusive Community. It was beautiful to see all Lasallian educators working together to achieve common goals, building trust, and establishing connections. The KSOE students expressed passion in their work with our De La Salle students and ultimately took our student’s self-esteem to a whole new positive level, especially with our incoming freshmen learning the DLS culture.”

 Professor Broughton commented, “The opportunity for Education Specialist Candidates to implement theory into practice was invaluable. All of my teacher candidates were enthusiastic about working with HS students “in-person” after a year and a half of Zooming. They all expressed that this experience was the best part of their summer coursework. But best of all, they shared about how DLS students confided what a difference this made in their learning. None of us wanted it to end. Therefore, Sean, Jon, and I are already talking about how to continue working together this Fall.” 

Courtney Dovichi, a KSOE grad student, commented, “This story is about the Into the Wild group with incoming seniors. At first all the students said how they were terrible readers, but at the last meeting one of the students, David, who had so much insight, admitted how he did know a lot. He finally developed confidence in his answers.”  



Album of photos and videos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ekRkpoXvcwKh7KhZA 

https://photos.app.goo.gl/n5q54WyXtqQdCqfJ9 (Video of student reflecting on the last day)