KTVU-TV Gets Reactions to 2nd Presidential Debate From SMC Students, Prof. Cathy Glenn

KTVU-TV's Jana Katsuyama reporting on SMC student reactions to the second presidential debate in the 2012 election cycle.KTVU-TV reporter Jana Katsuyama visited Saint Mary's Dryden Hall to field student perspectives on the second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and his GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

Katsuyama spoke with several Saint Mary's students and Communication professor Cathy Glenn about the debate and asked for their opinions on the candidates performances, for their impressions of the debate's town hall format and which of the two candidates they thought got the upper hand in this second face-off for the Oval office. 

Watch the KTVU-TV story "MORAGA: Student watching debate weigh in on who they think won."

Date of Mention: 
Wednesday, October 17, 2012