KTVU-TV Interviews Politics Professor Steve Woolpert About Supreme Court Census Vote

KTVU-TV Interviews SMC's Steve Woolpert About Supreme Court Census Vote on June 27, 2019.Politics Professor Steve Woolpert spoke to KTVU-TV/Fox2 about the Supreme Court's June 27 ruling that blocked the Trump administration from adding a citizen status question to the US Census. During a morning broadcast discussion with KTVU's Gasia Mikaelian, the Saint Mary's professor, whose academic research includes the impact of Supreme Court decisions on American life, called the case the most important judgement by the High Court for the current term. In its decision, the court noted the Trump​ Commerce Department​, which had argued for inclusion of the Census citizenship question, had not made a rational and non-capricious ​reason for including the question in the Census and rejected the request. Woolpert also observed, "It appears that the underlying reason that Commerce Secretary wanted this was to give a structural electoral advantage to rural and non Hispanic white voters, which is discriminatory.​" Watch the KTVU interview. 



Date of Mention: 
Thursday, June 27, 2019